About me

My name is Marcos Serrano. I am Lecturer at the University of Toulouse and Researcher at the Elipse team (IRIT Lab) (Toulouse, France).

HCI Research

My research is dedicated to designing novel interaction techniques in the field of mobile and ubiquitous computing. My most recent publications cover interactions with head-worn displays, mobile true-3D interfaces and public displays.


I am Paper Chair at MobileHCI 2016. I've recently been involved as poster chair at MobileHCI 2015 and PC member in the conferences MobileHCI 2015-2014 and IHM 2015-2014.

Latest projects


Non-Rectangular Displays

Emerging technologies allow for the creation of nonrectangular displays with unlimited constraints in shape. However, the introduction of such displays radically deviates from the prevailing tradition of placing content on rectangular screens and raises fundamental design questions. Among these is the foremost question of how to legibly present text.



Gluey is a user interface that acts as a ‘glue’ to facilitate seamless information flow and input redirection across multiple devices. Gluey leverages inherent headworn display attributes to redirect input and migrate content across multiple displays, while minimizing device switching costs.

Hand To Face Gestures

Hand-To-Face Gestures

Hand-to-Face input is a novel method to interact with head-worn displays (HWDs) that involves contact with the face. We explore Hand-to-Face interaction to find suitable techniques for common mobile tasks.

 Roly-Poly Mouse

The Roly-Poly Mouse

The Roly-Poly Mouse (RPM) is a rolling input device that combines the advantages of the mouse (position displacement) and of 3D devices (roll and rotation) to unify 2D and 3D interaction.

Mobile True 3D

Mobile True-3D

We present a two-part exploration on mobile true-3D displays, i.e. displaying volumetric 3D content in mid-air. We first identify and study the parameters of a mobile true-3D projection. We identify suitable parameters and constraints, which we propose as requirements for developing mobile true-3D systems.

 Bezel Tap Gestures


Bezel-Tap Gestures are a novel family of interaction techniques for immediate interaction on handheld tablets regardless of whether the device is alive or in sleep mode.