Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Phones

Development and Evaluation Using ACICARE

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The development and the evaluation of multimodal interactive systems on mobile phones remains a difficult task. In this paper we address this problem by describing a component-based approach, called ACICARE, for developing and evaluating multimodal interfaces on mobile phones. ACICARE is dedicated to the overall iterative design process of mobile multimodal interfaces, which consists of cycles of designing, prototyping and evaluation. ACICARE is based on two complementary tools that are combined: ICARE and ACIDU. ICARE is a component-based platform for rapidly developing multimodal interfaces. We adapted the ICARE components to run on mobile phones and we connected them to ACIDU, a probe that gathers customer’s usage on mobile phones. By reusing and assembling components, ACICARE enables the rapid development of multimodal interfaces as well as the automatic capture of multimodal usage for in-field evaluations. We illustrate ACICARE using our contact manager system, a multimodal system running on the SPV c500 mobile phone.