multimodal interaction

Prototyping; Toolkit; Conceptual Model; Component-based Approach: Wizard of Oz

Movement Qualities

Movement Qualities

We explore the use of movement qualities as interaction modality. The notion of movement qualities is widely used in dance practice and can be understood as how the movement is performed, independently of its specific trajectory in space.

Multimodal Wizard of Oz


OpenWizard is a novel approach for prototyping, testing and evaluating multimodal interfaces. OpenWizard allows the designer and the developer to rapidly evaluate a non-fully functional multimodal prototype by replacing one modality or a composition of modalities that are not yet available by wizard of oz techniques.

OpenInterface IDE

OpenInterface IDE

The OpenInterface (OI) framework is a component-based tool for rapidly developing multimodal input interfaces. The OI underlying conceptual component model includes both generic and tailored components.

Multimodal on Mobile Devices

Mobile Multimodal

We address this problem by describing a component-based approach, called ACICARE, for developing and evaluating multimodal interfaces on mobile phones. ACICARE is dedicated to the overall iterative design process of mobile multimodal interfaces, which consists of cycles of designing, prototyping and evaluation.