mobile interaction

Input techniques; Head-Worn Display; 3D;

Hand To Face Gestures

Hand-To-Face Gestures

We propose the use of Hand-to-Face input, a method to interact with head-worn displays (HWDs) that involves contact with the face. We explore Hand-to-Face interaction to find suitable techniques for common mobile tasks. [See more]

Bezel Tap Gestures


We present Bezel-Tap Gestures, a novel family of interaction techniques for immediate interaction on handheld tablets regardless of whether the device is alive or in sleep mode. [See more]

3D Overview + Detail

3D Overview + Detail

As public displays integrate 3D content, Overview+Detail (O+D) interfaces on mobile devices will allow for a personal 3D exploration of the public display. In this paper we evaluate three types of existing interaction techniques for the 3D translation of the Detail view. [See more]